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Meet The Family
Hi my name is Simon and my love for dogs stems back to my childhood, however things really started moving when I met and married my Lovely wife Helen. She always wanted a dog of her own but who's family weren't keen, even though it later transpired that her great grandfather bred and showed dogs in Bristol back as far as the 1920’s.
During our early years together we had German Shepherds, Dobermans and Border Collies. At the same time we had two lads and obviously having small children at the same time as large powerful breeds in the house we endeavoured to have a respectful and calm household.
Which brings us up to date, my household now consists of myself, my wife, one of the boys (The other insisted on growing up. He's now married and moved out but would still love another dog when circumstances are right) and we share our lives with Our Weimaraner - a nine year old bitch which we had as a puppy - the softest cuddliest thing ever, but has her own independent personality, German Shepherd which we have had since 10 weeks and Our loveable Staffordshire bull terrier, real name Max but affectionately called "Piggy".
People often think that our house must be a riot with Three dogs all powerful. They turn up and are amazed as to how chilled and calm it is after the initial excitement of being welcomed by the dogs. Often remarking that they to would like to have a couple of dogs themselves if they were as relaxed as ours.
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